Champlain College Community

Inspired by the poem "Community" written by Ebelechukwu Laurin Isiekwena

A place where my family is of all gender, race, and religion. Where our hometowns spread far across the globe. A place of where I step my feet on the land oh god does it ever feel like home.

Somewhere where I see people dedicate their times and selves for students to feel at home and with ease. Let’s just face it- the world needs more people like these.

A place that does not represent a singular person- but a passion, a pride, a group, a community.

Some place that when you hear a poem you look to each other because all you do is picture those whom stand before you.

Whether it’s your first day or your last, we as a whole worship Pax. Yet he’s not the one who gets to be the star of the show. It’s you who makes this community whole- the people within who stand with each other, those who put differences aside and show happiness is not within.

We as a community show that life isn’t when you’re alone, it’s when you take you place putting the heart back to whole. A place where love and passion aspire to be, a place where family is made and love flourishes you see.

A place where discrimination hurts not one but us all, where we take a stand for those whom we love. We see, we trust, we represent each other. The college may be named after one man but it is the community in which I stand. When you see Champlain College I hope you do not see Samuel de Champlain but instead whom we aspire to be; Champlain College stands for pride, we stand for love and acceptance.

Whether you are at east bank or downtown at the WhistleStop you hear our rumbles, you hear our cheers, our dedication, or happiness to be with one another.

As a wise Champlainer once wrote and then spoke “a place not perfect, but perfect to me; my community”.

-l.m. fawcett

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